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Grishko is one of the world's largest manufacturers of ballet shoes, dancewear and accessories. With four factories in Russia and sales in over 70 countries, its products are known worldwide for their high quality, innovation, beauty and functionality. Grishko's commitment to the advancement of the dance world has received worldwide recognition and has earned the loyalty of many prima ballerinas and top ballet companies. This success is made possible by the Grishko craftsmen, whose passion, responsibility and pride in their quality of work, are unsurpassed.

Humble Beginnings

Grishko pointe shoes for children

Now a world leader, the Grishko company rose from humble beginnings. The founder and President, Mr. Nikolai Grishko, came from a family of accomplished scientists who taught him the importance of thorough research and analysis. Having graduated with a degree in international economics, he spent several years abroad as a diplomat and then ten years as a Professor of National Economy at the Moscow Academy. Through his wife, Mrs. Tamara Grishko, a former ballerina, Mr. Grishko gained much exposure to the world of professional dance. Mrs. Grishko, along with many international dancers, complained of working with poorly made footwear. This observation, and his wife's encouragement, convinced him to start a business that would relieve these suffering dancers by producing the most comfortable, proper ballet shoes possible.

Soon after establishing the company, Mr. Grishko had the good fortune of meeting and recruiting Ms. Khabira Temeesheva. Ms. Temeesheva's love for ballet had led her to research, write and defend a doctoral thesis on the topic of ballet shoe mechanics. This makes Grishko the proud employer of the only person in the world to have earned a PhD in ballet shoe technology. Mr. Grishko and Ms. Temeesheva committed themselves to combining the secrets of traditional Russian Pointe shoe makers with the most advanced technology of today. Their aim was to meet a dancer's every need by creating the world's best dance shoes and apparel.

Growth Through Innovation

Nikolai Grishko signing one of his famous Grishko 2007 shoes

Next, Mr. Grishko handpicked master craftsmen from the best theatre workshops throughout Russia to help them realize their vision. This team undertook the ambitious task of researching pointe shoe production methods from around the world over the past two centuries. Their findings were invaluable and culminated in the creation of the Grishko 2007. The design of the Grishko 2007 revolutionized the industry and instantly became a favourite among the finest ballerinas in the world.

The innovation continued with the development of the Nova 2007, for which Grishko consulted with the scientists of six research institutes, including an acoustics institute and a laboratory of starch products. As Mr. Grishko stated in a recent interview, the secret to the Nova's superior durability "…lies in the glue used in making the toe box. Seven layers of different fabrics are glued with a special glue which we worked out and make ourselves. Other characteristics of the model are flexibility, elasticity and stability. We can put those pointe shoes on a table and they will stand balancing. No other model of ballet shoes produced in the world possess this characteristic. In addition, our craftsmen perform the most complicated operations by hand."

Leading The Way

Pointe shoes in every colour

Through the careful study and analysis of Russian and international dance, Grishko has developed over 1000 exceptional products that have found their way into the hearts of dancers worldwide. The stars of this product line are the company's beautiful pointe shoes that are handmade by passionate master craftsmen and checked for quality by former professional dancers. This team works with the understanding that, "pointe shoes must be handmade and well fitted since even a small defect can cause injury for strenuous professional dancers. Also, the dancer should feel the soul of the shoemaker in the shoes."

Grishko is committed to the continuous advancement of the dance industry and promises to give dancers the highest quality, most innovative product possible through the combination of modern technology and the traditions of Russian ballet.