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As the leading Russian manufacturer of ballet shoes and a world leader in the production of dance wear and accessories, Grishko's production now spans four factories and employs over 500 people in the heart of Russia. From these factories, Grishko produces all its handmade pointe shoes, dance shoes, stage costumes, dance wear, fitness wear and yoga wear.

Grishko Pointe shoes are made in a factory that is entirely dedicated to their production and are unlike any pointe shoes in the world, from the choice of raw materials all the way through to quality control. The process begins with Grishko's specialists carefully selecting the finest natural materials. Next, master craftsmen use their experienced hands, along with the most innovative production technologies available, to transform these materials into a work of art. The great Anna Pavlova said that by making a pointe shoe, "by hand the cobbler gives his heart and soul to it. This passion helps ballerinas a lot in their dance."

A cobbler hand forms a Grishko pointe shoeQuality, well-balanced pointe shoes stand on their ownGrishko seamstresses hand-stitch shoes and dancewearInnovative design puts Grishko above the rest

Grishko's production processes are constantly evolving as a result of its scientific approach to the advancement and improvement of pointe shoe design. The goal is to develop every new model so that it is lighter, more elegant, more durable, more comfortable, less noisy and safer. The ultimate test before a product is deemed acceptable for dancers worldwide is to test it in the four leading Russian theatres with which Grishko collaborates for this purpose.

The other Grishko factories produce dance shoes for all genres, ballet slippers, clothes for active life, fitness and yoga, and all other dancewear. Grishko's exceptional dancewear line includes leotards for ballet and gymnastics, unitards, tights and more. A recent addition to this dancewear line is "Active Life", a new knitwear collection that Grishko's talented, young designers release twice a year. The main lines of this collection are: Sport, Dance, Yoga, Street, Beach (for summer) and Outdoor (for winter).